Face orientation colours?

I’m currently checking the normals on a model. The face orientations are normally blue and red. So I’m wondering what’s wrong with a part of the mesh when the face orientations are purple and pink? Most are blue and red, but I’m confused at the purple and pink. Ive gone through repeatedly checking which way the normals are facing - including deleting parts of the mesh to see if there is anything hidden that I cant see, but nothing is showing up. Any help please?

did you check if you have double faces ?

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@Antony_Wright are you sure it just looks that way due to viewport shading. And to be positive they are facing the right way you can always go into edit mode and enable face orientation there as well.

Thank you. It seems that if I deleted from one side it looked like there was nothing there. However if I deleted a face from the opposite side, a face was still there but it was either red or blue instead of purple or orange. So that seems to have been the answer. Thank you.

Thanks for the help. But there was a distinct difference in the colour. However see my answer above for what I found to be the problem.

I’m probably late and you already found a solution, but I really wanted to point out to anyone struggling with this issue to check whether you have unapplied modifiers (such as the Solidify modifier) on your mesh. I had this problem myself and couldn’t find the double vertices or faces, but when a modifier isn’t applied, it does give you a purple face, but doesn’t show the extra vertices/faces in Edit mode. So just a little tip in case anyone else has the same issue as me and can’t find the reason why.