Face pores skin thingy

Hi Everyone,

Spent a bit of time this week playing in substance designer and blender trying to create some semi convincing close up skin details for character faces. After navigating my way past a few blender “features”, this is where I’m up to:

Character is Genesis 3 female from daz with a facegen head which is great for making head shapes but not so great with the textures, hence all the fooling with detail maps…

Only one pore type at the moment, but now that I got it going in cycles in the viewport, I can paint masks to blend the different pore types that my substance material can output.

Btw, here’s one of the (many) refs I’ve been using:

And been trying to implement ideas from the (amazing) “Next Generation Character Rendering” GDC ppt from Blizzard:

And here’s my nodes:

This is the specular mask from my substance, it already had gradient banding in it to try and emulate the two lobe look above but I’m boosting it even more here with the top curve in the node graph.

This is the voroni texture I’m using to break up the specular highlight to try and emulate the microgeometry idea above.

And this is the diffuse plugged back in so you can see the end result (so far).

I should probably mention that I’m tuning this for the viewport not rendering. I want to animate the characters here in blender, then I’ll export them to Unity/UE4 and rebuild the material there using engine materials.

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And here’s the before and after:



cool experiments.

Good job , man

Nice one. Seems like u would create great models.