Face Practice

I was bored, and started doing a coffe mug, and wound up doing this instead:

That’s creepy.

yea i thought so too, should i add real skin or “ceramic skin?”

You know, with a little work to smooth it out and really sell it…this would be just plain awesome. In a kind of “In Soviet Russia, coffee drink you!” kind of way, heh.

And I’d say ceramic. Kind of glazed but soft like regular skin, to really sell the creepy factor. Either way, I’m loving this, it just needs some more work on the modeling.

Here is an update with texture tests:

This is still very rough and blocky. My suggestion, and a good learning experience, construct this thing very high poly first. Model the shape of the coffee cup first, and then use the sculpt tools to sculpt the face so it has a natural look with the overall cup, then use the retopo tool to reconstruct it in a lower poly form and use subdivision as necessary. Then just use some a face driver to give it a mean look and set it in a realstic but moodily dark setting. Take it all to the next level.

I have no idea how to sculpt a face.

anyway this always happens when i try to use alot of verts to make a detailed face:

set smooth, auto smooth or ctrl-N in edit mode…
sculpting tut: http://www.becausewecan.org/node/258

The problem you see there is too many close together verts for the smoothing groups, so you end up with hard edges, the challenge is getting a full detailed and smooth mesh. I had an idea that you might not know the sculpting features, but for something like this, it’s the perfect time to learn and advance your skills as a blender artist. It’s such a neat idea I thought about trying it out myself.

Do you have a Subsurf Modifier on?