Face Project

Hi i have been working with this face for some hours (with use of TorQ Tutorial) but i need some help… i have no idea of how i can make the skull finished. Someone got an easy and good way to do it?

Try extruding the forhead and join it with the back of the head. Then fill the emty spots.
Do it in the Side view to have a proper shape.

It’s how I do it.

Thx for the tip Nebular - the skull is now done… plz tell me what you think and what more details i can put on it

Now i have done the ears!

Tell me what you think

(sry for mass spawning)

The eyes are done !

Tell me what you think :stuck_out_tongue:

(sry for mass spawning)

Pretty good! The head is a little too leaned forward, maybe pull the head back a bit…
EDUT: just realized what it is, the back of the skull is too small
but still pull the head back a bit :wink:

I need help… Where can i get some guide or help… i have no idea how i can texture the face more realistic

Well…Im not sure if the new portrait Tute(check out blendernation.com) has anything about that…Ive had to learn thru trial and error…

To me, it looks like the ears might be a bit too far back. Moving them forward a bit might make it look better. Also, I think the pupil would look even better if it were a little larger. Other than that, the modeling looks pretty good, especially the ears.