Face rig problem.

Hello !

So lately I’ve been doing the tutorial “Creating an advanced face rig” from David Ward on Cg cookie.
At some point I had to create a mesh deform which is controlable by a few bones and skined to the head bone of my armature (I used rigify).
My facial rig works pretty good but here’s the problem:
When my character is at around 180 degrees from his original pose, the head scales…

I try to find where the problem came from and it seems it’s related to the mesh deform.

If somebody know to fix this problem it would be awesome ! :yes:

Here is a link for the file : http://www.speedyshare.com/BNVr5/head-scale-problem.blend



(PS : sorry if my english isn’t very good…)

will look at your file and see what is up when I have time… post to pasteall.org if you cannot post your file here on BA Remember to use the “paste blend” button on the right of the page…

I edited and posted my file.
The problem occurs at around frame 32.
(i couldn’t upload on pasteall because the file is to big)

Did you weight paint the deform mesh object? Try painting it with 100% weights. (All red.) It’s possible that there is a difference in your head weight vs. your deform mesh weight and when you rotate the head the mesh deform object is not following the head correctly.

As a side note, you do not have to have the mesh deform object follow the head for it to work. You can leave it in a stationary position and it will still deform the head if you edit it.

I am only guessing at your problem as I had a similar issue a while back. I did not look at your file.

Good luck!

Don’t use speedyshare or any site that tries to make people get software to avoid long download times. Use pasteall.org/blend
Don’t upload a 166MB file!!! Strip unnecessary cruft like textures and other meshes that don’t have any bearing on your problem.
Click the preserve volume button in the armature modifier panel.
Is your mesh deform higher or lower in the modifier stack than the armature modifier? Are you using the same armature to deform the mesh and the character mesh?

Yes the mesh deform is skinned at 100% and it isn’t parented to the head.

The mesh deform is lower but it doesn’t seem to make a difference if it was higher.
Yes I am using the same armature.

I’m sorry I couldn’t lower the size of my blend file…even if I delete everything unecessary (textures, animations etc…)

sorry speedyshare does not work for me as a download site, have had problems with getting ‘extra down loads’ (as in viruses) in days gone by…

Ok. I will try to upload it on another site…
And it´s actually the modifier mesh deform which take a huge amount of the file size ^^
Thanks for the replies !

Any ideas to solve this problem ?