Face Select Problems

I’m new to blender, just downloaded it yesterday, and when I hit the face select button at the bottom and try to select a face in the #d view it will not let me.

You might try using the Ctrl+Tab hotkey to change to face select mode. Reloading factory settings, File-Load Factory Settings. Or reinstalling Blender. These are my only suggestions I hope one of them helps.

Okay I’ll try that. Also I have 2.57 version will it still apply to it.

I tryed it did not work

Some things to check
If you can select the face select button you must have selected an object and be in edit mode. Are you using the right mouse button to select faces
Can you box select faces (B key)
Can you select all the faces (A key)

Oooh I was not using the right mouse button. Thank you so much.