Face -> Select Similar -> Normal problem

Hi, hope I’m not being really stupid, but am having trouble with recent releases. Selecting by z-oriented normal I get + and -z on the default cube, and various other seemingly random faces on more complex meshes.

This is using official releases on Windows 7 64.

Thanks in advance.


In Edit Mode, I select the default cube’s top face, Shift-G select similar -> normal, and get the bottom face.

Have you tried tweaking the threshold of the selection? (F6 after operation or in the toolpanel at the bottom, people forget about it regularily)

Thanks for reply - it’s one of those silly things that makes you feel you’re going mad.

I adjusted the threshold (good tip, it’s easy to forget) but, regardless of which face I first choose (on default cube), or which way I tweak, I end up with top and bottom faces selected.

With a more complex mesh, the results still seem random.

Curious. Just to make sure, you know that to select a face, you need to click on the dot, not just anywhere on the face.
Doesn’t really sound like your problem, though, because you end up with more than one selected face.