Face tool panel ?

Hi @
is there any way to turn an edge between two triangles like the TURN option in max:




Is there some script that does it?
I was also wondering, did someone wrote a tool panel script ?
I am not goo at programming but I was imagining a special face panel with a few buttons to make automated modifs like the edge orientation thing


We have a rotate edge option in 2.35 I believe, test builds will be out shortly (probably a couple of days).


not sure ? :frowning:
nothing else
anyway when is 2.35 will be officialy released ?
I am not planning to build the tuupohuu something…

There is “CTRL + f” in edit mode, this flips the edge on a tri.


sorry cannot find what it does
anyway it is only meant to be for 4 edges not triangles :slight_smile:

In edit mode, just select the edge to turn and make “Ctrl E” then select “Rotate edge”, et voilà !


nop, got mark seam and clear seam menu :slight_smile:
btw, I thought you said ctrl f :wink:

Also, you need a recent CVS built version, not the official 2.34.


of course :slight_smile:

Its for flipping tris, look below %|

That what I wrote, Ph wrote something else :-?

A poly plane made of 2 tris, as your image above:

After “CTRL + f”

Looks pretty turned/flipped to me.


yeah ok got it but I am not going to compile the last toohuupohu something

I made another try and now it works
thx man :slight_smile:

no need to do that - just download the latest cvs version of bf-blender for your OS

did’nt know
I am gonna try it :slight_smile:
thx m8

I checked th bf cvs image but the only binary I found is the rm.exe
:frowning: ???

blender.org >> forums >> testing builds >> bf-blender windows… look for the most recent post (usually from gabio), and scroll down just before the first reply to see the link to the binary archive.


is the website down ?
I cannot connect to blender.org
it says forbiden access

ok I have tried that before but it just says “a new build is available” no link at all
btw, what is the difference between bfblender and tuuhopu ?

bf blender 2.34 CVS:
tuuhopu is a feature testing version of blender.

ok I know I am stupid but
it is that page I visited I think but the only links I found are bug reports…
di I have to login ?