Face: Work in progress

This is my first time using sculpt mode in Blender. I’ve really only learned basics. Shape building, coloring, lighting, and now sculpting. I haven’t gotten too far into textures and practically no nothing about mapping textures. I’m sure I’ll get into that later with some tutorials on this site and youtube. I’m more interested in just building models right now. That being said, this is my first sculpture.

Well, for being the first time, it’s pretty good in my opinion, the ears are a bit merged with the head and with a lack of detail, the lips look a bit odd, but that’s it.
I have such a hard time with organic modelling, haha. By the way, you used mouse or a graphics tablet?

I used a mouse, I haven’t worked too much with my tablet in blender. I’ll probably integrate with it soon though.

I gave up on sculpting for the time being. I find on some projects I don’t completely finish. This is the updated face sculpt that I have. Haven’t worked on it in some time.

This is not bad for starting. I had done that before. I jump into sculping and my model of face was not good due to nose and ears like your. I was so frustrate and has gotten to practices to get better that make it easier. I found some information about tolopology of face that help me alot before I could do sculpt it later. Sculpt is good for details at last. It is the same thing when you start drawing outline like as you start modelling with mesh first. At last, you draw depth details is like as sculpt give you depth details. I can give you these links the topology to make your model smooth with base mesh. It helps you alot that work for me…

Links: http://cgcookie.com/blender/2011/01/14/human_base_mes/

If you want to study more, after you get there, there more video tutorials relate to that, too. So, I hope it helps you. Again, good job on front face. Keep looking your next post it here asap. :slight_smile: