Facecount explodes on export

I have a major technical problem here.

I have a model which our artist made in Blender 2.61 which is for a game we are making in Unity, and it has 3296 faces. When I export it to .FBX or .OBJ the facecount jumps up to 39552. Can anyone think of any suggestions to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Does it have any modifiers that are applied on exporting

Trivial observation: 39552 = 12*3296. Something makes 12 exported faces out of each original one.

first: Does your mesh have a subdivision modfier? that is automatcally ‘applied’ during the export process. in addition the mesh might be being translated into triangles (equivalent to pressing cntl-T in edit mode) Are there multiple materials? .obj export tends to split those into separate meshes…