Faces animation

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I have a multiface smooth ring object (glass). I’m looking for solution to animate groups of the faces to build the object without manually breaking the object (and smoothness) into separate meshes. Simple example of the idea:
My object is more complex and I’ll have several such animated objects on the scene.

(zanzio) #2

How much control do you need? If you don’t need precise control, then you could try the build modifier.

(helluvamesh) #3

I take it that your main problem is that you don’t want the shading to be split and not that you don’t want to explode the mesh. You can separate the mesh into multiple objects and still have a continuous shading. Just transfer normals with the data transfer modifier from the joined object to the separated objects.

Blend file:
transfer_normals.blend (637.7 KB)

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I started with a Build Mod but I need more control. Thanks.

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Thank you for a great tip. This fix the ‘smoothness problem’ when splitting the mesh.
I’m looking also for solution to create such animation without breaking the mesh to save a time (my mesh is more complicated). Perhaps Animation Nodes is a solution.

(helluvamesh) #6

Then just use an armature.