(dante) #1

How do you select an objects faces? Also, how can you append faces to objects?


(dreamsgate) #2

I don’t know about the second part (I’m not sure you actually can append faces), but for the first part, press “F” to enter face mode then right click on the face you want. “A” toggle selects all/none

(S68) #3

To ‘append’ face you must go to edit mode, select 3/4 vertexes and press the F KEY

If the vertexes are not there you must create vem by extruding exiosting vertexes or pressing CTRL + some mouse button I can’t recall…


(cohort) #4

Ctrl+Lmouse creates a new vertex, with an edge from the last selected vertex.

(dante) #5

F will append faces but does not allow me to simply select them…

(theeth) #6

don’t go in Edit Mode before pressing F. Pressing F when out of edit mode enter face mode (often used when UV mapping). In Face select mode, you can enter edit mode where the faces will be selected and ready to be edited.