Facial Animation ........ HELP


I am attempting to create a series of facial animations…without MoCap technology. I have everything set up and ready to animate but the problem I am having is that the mouth does not move realistically. I am no expert in this, so I am finding it hard to see what I am doing wrong in terms of shape keys and pose library. I am using a model from blendercookie.com

Is there a way to apply facial motion from a reference video onto the face model?

Can anyone help?

I don’t understand what I should do with that…sorry I am really new to blender and still learning.

there is no magic button… what you need is to learn how to do lip sync. It’s a nice skill to learn. :wink:

Thanks for the links.

Damn I was hoping for a magic button. I am a psych student attempting animation…kill me now!