Facial hair

(Abavagada) #1

Anyone have any good ways of doing facial hair, like a 5’oclock shadow or a beard?

I have taken a copy of the body mesh, cut away all but where I want the beard. Then I set up particles, and place this over the original mesh.

This works pretty well, but unless I take a long time to render each hair, I need to use the halo option, which makes it look more fuzzy then hairy.

Any one has a better idea, or a way to create a 5o’clock shadow?

(IngieBee) #2

I’ve seen really good textures applied. High definition pictures, and it looks very real. Is this not an option? will you be putting the face so close to the camera that you need to see each hair against the background? If not, it can look very real that way???


(Abavagada) #3

Yes, that is an option… once I learn UV mapping. grin

(pofo) #4

The other possibility is… modelling
Takes lots of time and is hard to get to look good. But it is possible I guess.

  1. pofo