Facial image maps

I have been working on an alien, and want to apply a facial image map. I’m having problems getting things to line up and was wondering if there are any tutorials that explain now to do this. I found one that describes a way to take your head model and generate a facial image flatten out like Poser uses. However, all the links are broken and the e-mail address of the person that created the site is also dead. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m using blender 2.23, python 2.2.1 and PaintShop Pro 6., but I’m not too familar with python scripts.


You’ll need to learn uvmapping for that.
I am currently writing a comprehensive tutorial of uvmapping, a subject that is encompassing much more than you present problem.
I’m sure that you’d like to jump right in mapping a face but since my aim is to cover the whole topic such a specialized topic would be out of sync with the rest.
As I said, you’ll need to use uvmapping and it is… quite involved so you might be better to start by the beginning.

Check it out if you don’t find more to the point elsewhere. I think that it is easy enough and fast to read while being to the reach of everyone.


There’s five page online now and there should be four or five more before tomorrow.

Hi, I have the original tutorials (not all, I don’t think) from the blender site up at http://www.ingiebee.com/tutorials.htm

There you can look up:
Game Textures:
Texturing a Castle:
UV mapping:
this last one is a face

The download files needed are on the tutorial page where they are all listed. It’s kind of clunky, but I don’t have time to edit all the html pages so they work, sorry

Good nite, Ingie