Factory settings in 2.5

I like how the menus are set up in the 2.5 version. I have an older 2.4 file i opened in 2.5 and the editing properties are on the bottom like it was in 2.4 but i want it on the side, like in its original format for 2.5. I would keep it on the bottom, but it keeps on freezing when i scroll down which is why i want it vertically cause it seems to not freeze. How can i make the menu vertical?

When you open old files make sure have deselected ‘Load UI’ in the open file browser window. You can make this off by default in the user preferences. If you’ve already opend the file you’ll have to manually rearrange the window layout, or more easily just reopen it.

well how do i do that manually?

well how do i do that manually?
Right mouse click on a window border and select Join or Split windows. Repeat as neccessary to give the layout you want and change each of those widows to the type you want. Just open blender 2.6, and open the old file with load UI unticked, then save. Much easier and will only take a couple of seconds.

alright, thanks, this was always bugging me.