This was (or actually is) my entry for the 3d-modeling/art contest arranged bi-weekly by 3d-hobbyists of Pelit.fi forums. As you may have guessed, the topic for this particular contest was “Factory”. I just decided not to create a big modern factory but something older and definitely smaller.

And before you say anything about it, I know that building is not casting a shadow over the grass. It seems that raytraced light doesn’t cast shadows over static particles (at least I think so but I may be wrong) and since deadline was already catching me up when I found out about my mistake, I didn’t have enough time to correct the problem. The same “deadline is coming” explanation goes for the bush on the left side of the image. It shouldn’t be so dark, but I noticed it just after the final rendering and I didn’t really have enough time to make a new render. But still I like this image very much. One of my best ones so far.

And here is the image.

nice work looks good, i’m curious how you got the smoke grass and the trees, would you mind telling me how you did those.

Trees were generated with TreeMaker http://www.treemaker.nl (seems to be offline right now), then imported into my scene with 3ds import script.

Smoke is just a simple particle system with cloud texture and grass and those smaller bushes around the scene are made with static particles. Basically I just made a copy of ground plane, used it as a particle emittor, made particles static and then played with different particle options until results looked good. And of course I also made a halo material for it.

I couldn’t find any particle grass tutorials, but the usage of static particles is explained well enough in Blender documentation so that you can easily use them to make grass.

Here is link to particle section of documentation. Just scroll down until you find static particles:

The grass is pretty neat and the textures are great but the factory itselve is pretty simple and the lightning needs to be tweaked

All for my opinion by the way

If you want a shadow over the grass you may have to do it manually mesh-wise, other then that you never see shadows that sharp when casted by trees.

I did have plans to make the factory more detailed but I just ran out of time since I started this project only three days before the deadline (normally it would have been more than enough for this kind of simple project but I only have couple of hours of spare time per day at maximum). If I only had decided to participate this contest bit earlier.

Hmm, that yard at the left side of the factory is a bit too simple too, I just used vertex colors to make the ground material. Maybe I should have used a bit more detailed texture with it.

Thanks for the comments and critique. I may someday create a revised version with corrections you guys suggested but presently this is the final version since this is the version I used as an official entry.