fade in / out transparent png image

After many hours of searching for an answer, I’m here to ask for help.

My question is: How can I fade in and out a .png image that has a transparent background?

I’ve only been able to fade in and out a .png image that does NOT have a transparent background.

Here are the details:

I’m working on a 2D animation, so I’ve removed the light source, and set the camera to orthographic
I’ve imported a .png image that has a transparent background, using the following settings:

Use Alpha - checked, set to Premultiplied
Shadeless - checked
Z Transparency - checked

I’ve also set the display method to texture (icon to the right of the Object Mode button towards the bottom left of the canvas) So I can see my image with the transparent background.

All of that is fine. Now I want to have my .png image fade in. Going into the materials panel, under the Transparency tab, I ensure z-transparency is selected, but I see that alpha is already set to 0. I suspect this refers to the alpha transparency of the background of my image.

If I import my .png without background transparency, I can then fade the image in and out, but if I import the image with background transparency, I can’t fade the image in and out. (I’ve tested this by setting the alpha value and rendering a singe image)

So, how do I fade a .png image that has a transparent background?

Change the alpha influence value in the texture settings


alpha.blend (178 KB)

Thank you! I’ve spent so much time looking for that answer.

Now a follow up question. That alpha value seems to only have an effect during rendering. Is there any way to make the effect work while I’m moving through the timeline?