fade to black in realtime? is this possible?

can someone tell me how to simulate a ‘fade to black’ effect in realtime?

at the moment ive created a plane that fills the whole camera view and is parented to the camera.

now what…? :S

obcolor face…

…in alpha mode

and an ipo that changes the alpha [ColA ipo channel] from 0 to 1

play that ipo and voila…

ok i selected ObColour. and the alpha is on. but i cant seem to add any colA keyframes in the ipo…?

Have you tried selecting ColA and then Control-Left-Clicking anywhere in graph? This way you can manually add keyframes. Then with the curve selected press TAB, so that you can edit the position of the keyframes, then pressing N a little window will be displayed, where you can set the position of the keyframes…

For example:

  1. Select ColA
  2. Create two random keyframes by Control-Left-Clicking in the graph…
  3. Press the “n” key…
  4. Enter Edit-Mode by pressing tab
  5. Set these coordenades/values for the keyframes…
    • Vertex X: 0.00
      Vertex Y: 0.00
    • Vertex X: 100
      Vertex Y: 1.00

You have your IPO curve done that will fade through 100 frames, what I don’t remember is if Alpha 0 is transparent or non-transparent…

Well, that was a crash curse at manually editing IPO curves, hope it helped :smiley:

– EDIT –
Obviosly… you have to do all this in the IPO Curve Editor window… :smiley:

in blender 2.36 I have to click tex and alpha (obcolor not necessary).

thanx a million :smiley: i didnt know bout the ctrl click thing…hehe. its working now!!

ok its not working after all…lol.

i managed to do the keyframes…i added one at frame 0 with value of 0 and one at frame 100 with value of 1.

i rigged the logix bricks with an always sensor and the IPO actuator and pressed P but nothing happems. it doesnt play out of game mode either… and im in shaded mode.