Fahrenheit 451 -- Mechanical Hound Blueprints

Hi everyone,

I’m in a play version of Fahrenheit 451 (by Ray Bradbury) right now, and the director and others were puzzling on how they were going to create 3d blueprints of this “mechanical hound” character. I let slip that I’m into 3d, and so I was lassoed into making this.

The hound is a character that hunts people down and kills them by lethal injection. You insert a genetic-id card into its muzzle and it hunts them down.

Anyway, here are a few of the renders. They’ll be projected on a big screen behind one of the scenes.




So thats what I have for now. I’ll reply with a few more renders once they’re done. I’ll link to a animated camera circle around.

Edit: note, these are the final renders. All I meant by saying “So that’s what I have for now” is that I’m going to add a few more camera angles / animated cameras. I regard this as done. On that note, here are the fly arounds:


posted into the wrong forum section, though good start. :slight_smile:

ahhh yes i remember this book from last year…madddd boring.
I loved the hound though, hoping you’ll do a good job.
good luck.
oh, i’d have preffered the needle on the tail tho. I dont think the book describes where it’s located.

Loose the additional spider like legs. Fahrenheit 451 is placed in a pretty realistic environment and I can’t see what the advantage for the spider legs is. Other than that nice start.


Not sure exactly what’s wrong about placing this in “Finished Projects.” As rough as these may look, I’ve run out of time, and these are the final renders.


Yeah, the legs were a nightmare. In the play the hound is described very explicitly as “eight-legged,” so I had to find a way to incorporate them and this was the best solution of a few possibilities that were sketched out. We tried putting them on radially like a spider and it didn’t look menacing enough. We also played with the idea of putting them in a column like a centipede, but they seemed clunky there. So we went with the “dragon-wing” approach. Given the constraint of putting 8 legs on a dog, I think it came out decently.

Yeah, it’s meant to be blueprints in the final render. So this is it.


I believe this is one of the best, worst books we had to read durring the school year :stuck_out_tongue:

the spider legs i think are a little big. other than that though good job man ! really like the blueprint style :slight_smile:

I guess you can’t call for artistic license and simply ignore the description?
Too bad cause it ruins the design a little.