failed to install blender 2.71 64 bit windows

Please help with blender 2.71 installation for windows 7 64 bits, the error has added me in the picture. reinstall the version 2.70a for windows 7 64 bit and presents no mistake. Please can you help me that might be? thanks


Hi, did you had find a solution for that problem?, cause I’ve try to install this new version but same problem, it doesn’t start and with the 2.70 version no problem, but I’m interest in the new option like bake in cycles and others options…
I had try with installing, microsoft visual c++ (i already have from 2005 to 2013 redistribuible) and others like locating the opengl32.dll to blender.exe directory… but no solution…
sorry if I just bothering but I only hope that I can find solution somewhere or in worst case in Blender 2.72 can continue updated…:confused:

Sorry for another comment but actually I proved with the zip for 32 bits in windows 7 64 bits and its working… I dunno why is the reason but maybe someone with more experience can say us why… for now time to prove the new and hoping no more problems with blender 2.72 in the soon future :stuck_out_tongue: