Failed to read .blend file, incomplete

I was using this blend file yesterday and come to it a day later and find that I can’t open it.
It comes up with this error:

I tested both files. The .blend and the .blend

I tried to append everything to a different blend file but when I opened the file up in the append menu there’s nothing there. Not a single folder.


What should I do? Anyone know how to fix it?
I spent quite a long time on this project. Hopefully I won’t have to start again.


No one knows what the problem is? Is this the right thread to place this in?

What should I do? Anyone know how to fix it?
If the blend file contains no content (cannot verify since no .blend file supplied) then how do you expect to get something from nothing. Just try a previously saved file.

Is it on a drive you have read access to ?

Yes it is. I’ve opened it loads of times in the last few months.
I’ve uploaded the blend file to
Here it is:
Tell me if there’s anything else you need.

Blender is usually very verbose about errors, but does not slam them on the nose of user. Start Blender from command line and see the complete error message from there. The error report you see does not end with a word ‘incomplete’, it continues after that.

Your .blend file has nothing but some bytes in beginning of it. Probably failed/interrupted attempt to write the file.
Unfortunately - nothing salvageable from this.

Besides saving blend and blend1, Blender leaves different, including number-named files, in tmp folder after the work sessions; if your OS does not delete files there automatically you could look if there still is a file with a close creation data/size in this folder (see User Prefs, Files).
In case you exited from blender normally it would save a quit.blend containing last session in tmp folder; this will get overwritten on a next exit from blender however.

That’s a shame. I’ve already checked the tmp folder and there aren’t any .blend files to be seen. I should’ve checked it when I got the error. Oh well. I’ll just start it again. Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it