Failed to read blend file, missing DNA block

I’m new to Blender and I had just made my first model. I saved the mesh and powered off my laptop via the power button. I woke up, made a small mesh, then I went to the mesh I made yesterday. I went to the blender file and double clicked on my mesh. It opened up to just a cube. I tried opening the mesh file and all I got was “Failed to read blend file, missing DNA block”. I’ve tried appending which didn’t work since the blend file was just completely empty. I’ve tried the Blend1 files but it came up with the same error, “Failed to read blend file, missing DNA block”. Going back to my last session wont work since I worked on my small mesh first before opening this one, any help?

check in your tmp folder there might be a backup file

also try to re install your blender suite!

you could try to open a new file then append objects from the other bad file
might work

happy bl