Failure to model a building from image

I don’t understand what’s wrong, why I can see those lateral faces ( the front face is there ) of that wall. I tried recalculating the normals, all the faces are blue but it’s seems that it’s not working at all…

For example, the one from right should be hidden and yet I can see it through the entire wall when looking from that angle.

It should only be hidden if you’ve enabled backface culling. And (if you’re using transparency) if you’ve enabled appropriate blend mode.

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Backface culling is disabled and transparency is set to 1, I already tried this. I reinstalled blender twice, even downloading a fresh copy of 2.8.

Please share the file if that doesn’t work, psychic abilities only go so far. As a new user you won’t be able to upload here, but you can upload to and post a link here.

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I just did it now… I just had this idea to activate backface culling when in “Viewport Shading” and now looks just fine.