Fair play

sucks :evilgrin:

and original PNG-file here

So I havent posted anything here for a long while, went to army, moved away from home, started a new school… So life in general have taken most of my time.

But I’ve been blending on the side all this time :slight_smile:

yeah, enough about me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my latest work, modelling about two days and texturing and rendering tests for another two days.
The goal was quite realistic render, but I tried to bring some life into it with the bulletcases on the board and the smoke trail coming from the barrel.

This project was very fun (especially the characters) and relaxing for me, a break from all the school work and stuff :slight_smile:


Excellent work. Love they modelling, amazing details for 2 days. I think the angle and focal length fails it compositionally. Also the felt on the chess pieces looks more like stone.

Heh, hee… That’s the best chessboard concept I’ve seen. Reminds me, that someone should do a rendition out of the old classic Battlechess.

Good texturing on the Warhammer dudes. The lightsetup looks great too.

Two days? Splendid work and great concept. Welcome back to Blender Country!
The only problem I can find is the corner of the chessboard. It looks like a gap there.

/ Mats

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

The DOF is purposely a bit over done, to give more ‘dramatic’ look, but still the image lost some detail and came a bit too blurry because of the jpg compression and scaling. I’ll upload the original PNG as soon as I put it into my own site.

and the gap in the corner is deliberate, those frames are round edged so there is a small groove in the part two frames meet…

That is just plain hilarious ^^
And beautifully modeled (though I think the knight could have gotten a little more attention).

Excelent work! Congratulations!

Great talent for modeling, render, texturing, etc, etc, etc… :wink:

Now this is amazing. Though i am bit bothered by the backpacks of the soldiers… but its nothing to mention about really.

very radical…u could b the ‘picasso’ of blender!!!

Thanks everyone for your comments :slight_smile:

@Eradicor: Well those dudes are supposed to be space marines from good old warhammer board game so they are actually carrying rocketpacks, jetpacks, jump packs or what ever they are, dont really know :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool concept with a professional execution. 5* from me. This is by far the coolest CG chess scene I have seen so far.
Put this on CGTalk.

Lol!!! Nice image.

lmao !!! that made my day…don’t quite like the pawn texture though XD

xD thats funny. very well done… i especially am drawn to the dude on the right… because of the plastic look he is giving off makes it look really realistic =3.
but the bullets imo need just a bit of tweeking IF you wanted it more realistic… but u really dont have to its perfect as is.

Thanks again everyone, much appreciated :smiley:

And check the first post for the original PNG-file if anyone is interested…

Thats the best and funniest chess render i have ever seen.

5 stars for originality, and then some. I’ll be looking for this on CGTalk.

LOL, Thats awesome. Great concept and realism.

thanks very much, theanimal and 8bit.

I’ll propably try to polish the render a bit more (thanks again for the crits and comments everyone), and then I’ll see if I’m going to put it into CGtalk, though I have never posted anything there…

Awesome piece. Dig the theme.

Awesome result, great idea…lovely really!