fairy animation/mattepainting test

hi guys, recently im doing a short test animation shot, its for my portfolio so let me know what you guys think. :slight_smile:

here’s the first animation test that i did:

it doesnt have background and any textures yet, mainly its for testing things out the sequence.

and here’s the mattepainting test that i did:

I have checked this, man! I do think your webs it pretty great, you just need do some detailed stuff to improve the quality!

wow it looks very good :slight_smile: i would love to see how your built up all the layers :slight_smile:

@marwin - looking really good! It’s so good, I’m having a hard time thinking of some crits. However, just glowing praise is not super helpful, so here’s my feedback.

The motion and arcs of the fairy character are very good, very smooth. There seems to be fairly decent anticipation before she changes position, although you could maybe exaggerate it a little more. The movement of the wings is decent, I’m assuming they will look much better after they’re blurred with compositing? Perhaps they could also speed up and slow down depending on how fast she is moving.

The background matte painting is great, good colour and detail, and good camera movement as well. Perhaps when you are finishing the scene you could add a little more movement to the forest with some leaves in the wind or something just to tie the fairy and environment together a little more. All of this stuff is really minor though. Look forward to seeing more from this project!