Fake ad for my favourite whisky

Two things bother me. First the text on the label is stretched and I can’t figure out why. Secondly the glass material is still noisy, although I have changed rendering presets from preview to final and full global illumination.


I love it also … islay

Looks fine to me. Maybe you’ve had too much of it? :rofl:

Seriously, check your UV. Chances are it somehow got distorted.

Here is my UV. Seems ok to me.

The texture seems stretched on the cylinder.

Does that label actually run around the diameter of the bottle?? It appears so, judging by your screenshot.

Second point: what’s all that blank area on the sides of your UV map? That image needs to run the entire width of the UV map. I think you need to scale it on the X. On second glance, it’s also crooked.

Lay off the hooch while modeling! :rofl:

The image runs twice around the bottle (I scaled the texture by 2) and the white areas are part of the image, since I had to adjust the width to fit the view properly.

The UV mesh is crooked, because I had to turn it 90 degrees and my mouse seemed to be a little inaccurate tool for that. The actual rotation is 90.08 degrees.