Fake Beer commercial

Just a quick exercise model I rendered, but I would appreciate any ideas on how to improve.

I am especially curious about your thoughts on:

  • Did I overdo the DoF? (Is it making things too unclear?)
  • Does anyone have some experience with creating foam? What approach do you consider best?

And of course any critique is most welcome.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks good.
Beer seems metallic, it should be a bit transparent, and/or cloudy, might be the lighting. The glass is about to fall, if not intended maybe balance it.

I really like it! The fluid looks great and the condensation droplets and the water-trails are spot on!
It is great to see that you actually bothered to detail the model even on the inside (The bottom part of the glass).
The DoF looks great, but it did take me a while to understand the environment and at first I just though the glass was hovering in mid air with a very blurry background behind it. The DoF might be a bit too much then.
Another tiny detail is the low resolution bump-map used for the table. I think that is the only thing that ruins the photorealisme in the render. Great job!

Looks legit. Maybe change the font to make it 100% real-fake :cool:

Thank you both very much for the ansewrs and ideas. You have been a great help :slight_smile: