Fake Cascade Shadow method[v1.0]


Here you can get dowload for my new cascade shadow method preview. Currently it looks very werid. If I would find a way to rotate sun shadow frustum’s texture(the square you can see) without rotating sun, I would make a new, upgraded version. If someone knows how, please, tell me;)

[EDIT] Fixed the download link…

Hello! Please, post something- reviews, reccomendations, anything(except somethiung rude)!

Will publish fixed version after BGMC, later will also work on day/night cycle support!


I improved the shadows a little bit and because it was fun I made a little map (actually the first map I ever made because I didnt have enough patience to finish anything) :wink:
The shadows work quite well now but there are still some problems and I dont have an idea how to rotate the frustum.