Fake discoball caustics on a wall

I tried to make discoball reflections with cycles but that seems not to work.

Now i try to use a caustics texture that is stretching while rotated, but i cant get it work too.
Can anyone help with this please? :slight_smile:

fake_discoball_spots.blend (127.6 KB)

I get a bit near to it, but it looks quite wrong.

cannot read file !

can you elaborate a little !

are you doing fake caustic on a wall or floor ?

is it Cycles or EEVEE ?

for more realist caustic use Yafaray or Lux renderer !

happy cl

It is a file from 3.1alpha, i can open it still with 3.0.

In cycles, i try to fake caustic on a wall. I just want it simple with stretching the texture to the sides.

i cannot use bl 3
hope someone else can help with that

but i will check if i can find a disco ball !

happy bl

I find a solution, and it is better than faking, but only works in cycles with light nodes:

i got a few fake caustic file for glass
not certain if this would work well for a disco ball

anyway if you found a way then very good

happy cl