Fake dynamic shadows without using lights? Is this possible?


Is there any way of faking dynamic shadows without using lights? The reason I say this is because old games, like GTA 3, which date back to 2001 had what seemed to be dynamic shadows which were casting of the player. So, Is this possible?


As far as I know there are two possibilities:

  1. A plane with an alpha texture on it beneath the character (at hit position of ray facing -Z axis), but this will give an undesired effect at corners and slopes
  2. Use a spot lamp but give it a dark color, parented to the character, facing -Z axis, but this may be tricky to make sure the character itself is not lit by the shadow color

The first point makes more sense with games which were made more than a decade ago. I always wondered about the techniques they used in old games to fake shadows, but now I know how. Thanks for the post!