fake radiosity

Hi, I am trying to emit light from a sphere. I know how to use radiosity but it takes forever. I am looking for a better solution. I’ve tried dupliverting lights as well as using lights as particles. But as of yet I have been unable to come up with a good solution. For my purposes it doesn’t need to be physically correct, it just needs to look good and render at a reasonable pace. Any ideas?

in experimenting with spot lights as particles I came up with the attached file. nothing earth shattering but renders under a minute. Any better ideas? I would like to get this to look better… I tried using composite nodes to add a glow to the sphere but the effect wasn’t worth the extra time that it took to render.


why not just a lamp that don t cast shadow inside the object? It work fine usually…

hadn’t thought of that. Thanks. Is there a way that I could use that set up and have the “light emitting sphere” partially inside of another object that doesn’t emit light? So the light would be be stopped by the outer object and cast a shadow of it?

There’s a thread on a kind of node called “SSGI”. Do a forum search on “SSGI”. It’s not perfect, but it might do what you need.

could you maybe add a blend file of your setup?