Fake Rim-lighting in Cycle?


I was just wondering if it is possible to translate the following technique:-


into cycle material to create fake rim lighting?
I am relatively new to Cycle, and I have fiddled around with the “Texture Coordinate” node but havent had any success.
I really liked the effect when I used to work mainly with the Game Engine, and it would be great to see its return in Cycle … if at all possible.

Thanks in advance!

This technique is usually called “Ramp Shading” because you use a color ramp as factor to go from one material to another one depending on the angle of view. (It works also with just colors but let’s do something fancy…) :wink:

The node tree for this red material:

And for a complete fun, the blend file: Forum Ramp Shading.blend (128 KB)

Enjoy! :smiley:

Sorry for the late reply but THIS is awesome! Thanks a lot for the diagram as well. All works like a charm :ba: