faked rain for a short movie

Hi, check out this visual effect I did for a short movie (blender only of course)




Looking nice malefico :smiley: Quite realistic! I’ve been doing some test work on an animation involving rain, although mine is with particles. What texture did you use for this?

Very nice job. I hope its supposed to be a torrent based on the still (didn’t have time for animation).

Come on MusicMan the animation’s only 399 KB hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

ok i like the stills of it, but unfortunatly the animation looks a bit funny.

may i suggest duplicating that layer of texture you currently have and changing the speed settings and perhaps the direction of movement slightly.

this will hopefully introduce some randomness to it.

but i guess this is the finished projects area.


The still looks great. But in the animation, it looks like the window is sliding down (like electric windows in car doors). I like Alltaken’s idea; you should try it. :slight_smile:

Nice effect. The only suggestion I would make would be to do that effect in two layers, each moving at slightly different speeds, to give you a bit of variation as it cascades.

Looks great, though.

Thanx for all comments and suggestions. Yes, adding a second layer is a nice idea I will try it. Anyway, this IS a finished project since the director is a lot less picky than the regular blenderhead :wink:



There was one more thing that bothered me, that this one looked rather as if someone was washing the window, or pouring water on it, since there was no rain outside. At a glance it is great, but staring at it for a while gives you this feeling that there is no rain :slight_smile:

This is great :smiley: I suggest what everyone else has already.

Very good!
I suppose you used the warp plugin, didn’t you?


eeh… well, I for one like it, and suggest no changes :slight_smile:


I must be less picky. I love the animation.




Sprites, or deform the mesh up on impact…

I couldn’t do what you have done, but as the others have said it looks a tad to uniform to be convincing.

Sprites, or deform the mesh up on impact…[/quote]

Actually using the new procedurals you can get a texture that has like droplet like rings all through it. You can use it to get a pretty convincing droplet wave effect with the proper nor and offset animation.

OK, so it’s done, and your boss is happy. I would have done the water just a bit slower (water is pretty fluid, except that at the interface w/ a glass, it’s stickier).

But I love it all the same. Good work. :smiley:

hem sorry but there’s no problem with this animation.
Water’s falling well and with good speed.
maybe you should add a bit of shadows on interior edge, it would complete the effect./illusion

But for the water, nothing to say, it’s pretty well done!

Uh…have you been hiding underground since ray-transp came out? :wink: