Faked volumetric's, techniques and tips.

I’m getting to the stage where i’m finishing the visual system for my game. I’ve been experimenting with self-made particles systems and X-emitter .

I need some input/ideas for methods:

  1. I’ve created some decent maps to use with the particle systems to fake smoke, there are issues with clipping with the geometry which i’ve been trying to use “Z offset” this seems to only work in certain situations. Any ideas to help with this possibly with nodes.

  2. People say to fake volumetric lighting rays you need to set up planes within the beam, I’ve tried a few experiments but cant seem to get this one right. which comes back to clipping

  3. Anyone who can reccomend a nVidia friendly light scatter Filter that works from the location of the light, or point me in the right direction to learn how to setup planes for this to work effectively which comes back to number 2 which eventually leads me back to step 1.

Thanks solarlune for the Emitter Script, it came in very useful.


After not having any luck with Martinsh Light scatter i did some searching and came accross this.


after a little bit of coding and tweaking this is what i managed to achieve.

click pictures for better quality.

I’ll have to try smoke again tomorrow.



Wow! Really cool! Could you share the code? I would really like to have a look at it!

These look great.
Always nice to see people with coding skills getting cool stuff working :smiley: