Faking Stop Motion

(MrKite) #1

Hey! I was curious if there were some newer ways to fake a stop motion effect in Blender? I tried looking it up and only found tutorials from 7 years ago.

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(Hadriscus) #2

Hi, usually halving the framerate does the trick !

(Cyaoeu) #3

Change the interpolation for the keyframes to hold the keyframes instead of using any other smooth interpolation.

(Awesome Vindicator) #4

both of the above, also make sure there’s no motion blur.

(sundialsvc4) #5

Putting a “stair-step” pattern into a keyframe line is usually the best way. (Is there a plugin somewhere to do that?) Instead of a continuous line from 0.0 to 1.0, break it into equal stair-steps. (If you make the vertical lines not-quite vertical, you can get a “tween” frame or two between each freeze-point, which sometimes looks better.)

Almost everything in Blender is ultimately based on so-called “ISO curves,” and “everything can be animated.” (There are sometimes several layers built on top of this foundation, such as actions, but I digress. These, too, are controlled in this way.)