fall off amature

Is there away to make parts parented to the same amateur fall off. I want the sub objects to crumble away as the object deforms. I want this crumbling to start at a point and finish at another ( like left to right or top to bottom). here is my small detail test blendfall away for BA.blend (645 KB).
Thank you oh great minds of the game engine.

Did I explain it ok? Armatures are on or off no value switch. Is there a way to make parts to fall away from the armature the are parented to. The final result I’m looking for is a man walking and he starts to crumble.

here you are sir


ForKAz.blend (477 KB)

I think I put this in the wrong forum. I’m looking for Physics maybe. I will need applied to thousands of objects. This object will be fractured like cell fracture but I will do it manually. I can do that part. I can make a complete rigged person out of a thousand cubes that is easy.
Not like particles and explode modifier in the dissolve effect but this will be with thick objects that fall and bounce. He was a person walking now he is falling apart. Is this possible?
I can separate into cubes the rigged model and post a blend if it will help but it may be a big file. will be more then a million faces.
Thanks bluePrint