Hi guys, I took a two-year break from blending, and now I’m back! I made this piece with photorealism in mind. Hopefully I hid the tiling in the textures well. Let me know what you guys think of it! Critique is welcome.

Hm… I would not say it is too bad.

The feeling of abundonment, I gather. Still… somewhat boring. I do not know what to propose to change, it just does not really hold my gaze. May be you need something more to it. May be intersting cracks on the walls? Or some other detail. It looks too clean, almost newly built, but for some reason built dirty and rusty.

I hope what I am saying will be useful for your next work. Will be looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Profanity, This is great! I could never pull of something like this myself. Now when that is said, you probably posted here to get feedback on how to improve your next creation. Therefore I must agree on Margenta`s comments that it looks a bit clean. What if you could see some paint coming off on the side of the stairs? Small cracks in the wall? Little grass between the floor-tiles etc. Small details to make it realistic. As I said, this is great work and I could never pull off something like it! Looking forward to your next creation :).

looks very good. i like the stile. but it more seems like a painting, not photorealistic. too many big dark spots on the walls textures. in a painting you would make it this way, but reality is more real, it wouldn´t be that concentrated. even if you want to keep this look, you have to work on the doors as a contrast. they have the same textural structure. it looks as if you have put a filtre on the whole scene.

Thanks for the comments guys. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that it was an abandoned building. I was more going for a look like this:


I did aim for photorealism, but I agree in the end it looks somewhat like a painting. It might have something to do with how I tweaked the saturation and applied a subtle soften filter.

Still… somewhat boring. I do not know what to propose to change, it just does not really hold my gaze.

I guess you have a point. I had trouble figuring out how I could make the scene more interesting. I did add some peeling to the walls but the scale makes it a bit hard to show.