This artwork speaks to me but unfortunately I don’t know what… I like it!:slight_smile: Can you tell something more about?

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Well its just my view…
The world around me is just dull and empty and the Only light I find is through my fascination to the mysteries around us. They talk even though they don’t reveal who or what they are so I give them my own shapes and voices. Bit of a weird one tbh but yea…

Thank you for your background story, now I know what you are talking about with your artwork :slight_smile: I like it!

Nice piece of art. What i noticed is that the upper line in the back with those telecompoles is a bit heavy. The other ones are more subtle and don’t draw immediate attention. If the terrain was less bumpy maybe the overall scene got more of a serene atmosphere. But hey thats just my personal view. Great job.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!