Falling airplane

I’m making a video where an airplane falls into my garage. I tracked the footage, I created the entire scene in 3D(for shadows and lights)… But then i started to animate. the plane was cool, for the cracks i used the new quick explod modifier, and for my surprise, there is a setting, over the Paticles, that allows me to crack the wall in a “grid”* form, wich was perfect, becouse i could set up the begining of the “explosion” right when the airplane hit the wall. Perfect untill now, after some tests, i realised that the wall, that suposed to break, wasn’t at the right place, so i decided to create another object, but this time, the grid was, some how, inverted, Instead of starting the cracks from right to left, for exemple, started them from left to right… And the result you can see on the print… I tried “Ctrl+A” , tried to click on “invert grid”**, but no results… (I tried to invert normals to, I tought "maybe the grid direction works with the normals, but no results) could someone help me?

You can see that the object starts to breake in peaces from left to right, i already tryied with the “invert grid” checked and unchecked…