Falling Coffee Beans

Blender physics test with Rigid Body Tools
Almost 3800 objects with total face count of >39 mln poly
First of all it was baked with a low-poly Object (91 faces) then Object Data was changed to high-poly (10428 faces)
One frame rendering took ~5-6 min on GeForce GTX 560Ti, total number of frames 500
Rigid body world speed 0.3

There’s still a lot of noise (sampling samples 200)

5 to 6 minutes per frame and still noise?! Man I hope they can get Cycles to be faster. You could render that in Blender’s renderer in like 15 seconds a frame.

Looks really nice though. The dynamics are awesome!

Good render and very realistic beans, you could make the video a couple of seconds shorter 'cause in the end the objects always keep on moving in an unrealistic manner.

Thanks for posting, I’ll have to look into it more… But tell if I got this right…

  1. you create a low poly object and run RB simulation
  2. You then select the low poly objects and then select the high poly last… than hit ctl L and choose object data
  3. I would have thought you would have to also capture or swap the animation data.

Most likely I am wrong on the above… maybe you can clarify if you have time.

  1. prepare your low-poly for RB sim
  2. when you satisfied with the sim - bake it to keyframes (in my case it’s better decision)
  3. select all your baked low-poly objects and the last selection must be your high-poly object (active)
  4. Ctrl+L -> Object Data
    cheers ))

Thanks for the clarification cooler … I’ll have to give it a try