Falling coin/Flash


I will ask two questions in one here

1st one: Dropping Coin

I’ve found some threads about coins and animation here already. Especially I would like to know if it is possible to let blender do the work for me to calculate a falling coin - I want to do an animation that happens in real world, when you snip an upright standing coin at one side - where the coin is first rotating around its own axis and then after some time dropping down lower while still rotating and ending up lying flat on the surface. Is there a physics engine I could use or do I have to draw the paths/rotations by myself?

2st one: Blender/Flash

The other thing I’d like to archive is to have the animation I create on a website (in flash I guess :). The animation shall stop at certain points and offer some different choices to click. Depending on what is chosen the animation goes a different way further. Pretty straight forward in Flash I guess - but can/should I do that in blender as well or should I rather go directly for Flash because it just better fits the purpose? (I would prefer blender, because I have absolutely no experience in Flash and I am eager to learn blender rather than Flash)

Thanks for some hints or extensive help :slight_smile: