Falling Down

"Have you ever wanted to go higher, to infinity and beyond, but somehow you just fell? But then you tried to get back up again, but still falls. No matter how many times you tried, you always failed that you think to yourself “what’s the point of ever trying again if you will just fall again in the end?”

It probably looks like this. But just remember that you’re not alone."

1920 x 1920 px
Rendered with Cycle, post pro with Affinity Photo
Astronaut 3D model by dannysgallegos on sketchfab
you can download it here


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you bart!

this is nice. reminds me of a dream I once had.

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Thx. Quite scary I presume.

I noticed you went for a square crop. What about a portrait layout?

And the vertical lines: I get why they might be effective to convey downward motion but something about them. I thought of tire marks (maybe if you blurred them).

I like the choices you made for grungy, b+w, and the motion blur. Very cool model to use too. The idea of motion is greatly conveyed (grats!).

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Portrait orientation is a good idea, I actually thought about that but my main medium for posting is Instagram so that’s why I went with the square crop. About the vertical lines, I actually tried to make it more like blurred flying debris. But I guess the straight lines look more interesting though I understand it’s quite weird LoL. I’m glad that I could get the message across. Cheers!

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It’s easy to overdo it a little in post. Did you try having small rocks moving quickly upwards (relative to the camera) in Blender?

At first, I tried to do it using different splatter brushes from this brush pack I have in Affinity Photo. But then I come up with this grid/ parallel line one so I just went with it. Though I must agree it would be interesting to do it in Blender and then post pro it to create the movement effect.

I worked on getting this to work in Cycles with motion blur. I ended up stacking three rocks on top of each other. From one frame to the next, the top has the least movement and the bottom the most.

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It’s pretty cool! The motion blur is done using the compositor I presume?