Falling Eggs 1.3

For those of you who don’t know, Falling Eggs is a game I made in one week to be ready for Easter. Your goal is to catch the eggs, stars, etc. while avoiding rocks and stuff. Please see the Readme for brief instruction, and the in-game help for in-depth instruction. In version 1.3 I solved many problems one might run into with a professional game, such as the Bambalam runtime file and NSIS installer. (And I included the necessary python modules.)
Please at least give this game a try. :slight_smile:




Sorry I only have the windows installer and windows runtime - I will add a blend-only soon for other OS users.

Windows Installer
Windows Runtime (contains all of the same files as the installer)


Looks nice, but i can’t play it im using Ubuntu.:o

Hey Mr Crunchy,

Nice job. This is a great game for the kids. Thanks

I have Ubuntu too, but with help of Wine you can play it with no brob.

Mr. Crunchy - keep going :wink:

Hi, I downloaded the .exe and received an error. See the pic. I have xp, with the latest updates.


Amm i don’t know how to download winehq :D. I only know how to download .run .sh .bin and those files. I get always troble with sorce.:stuck_out_tongue: HELP !:smiley:

EST, Synaptic Package Manager is you friend… :wink:
I think you can find it there.

Nvm…:smiley: i never get it work.

That’s weird. I have Ubuntu, too and I got wine to install fine out of the package manager.

Ya i know, but i got troble every time. What did you type ?:smiley:
LOL its out of topic now ! :stuck_out_tongue:

In honor of off-top:
http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb - here for other versions.

Sounds like it didn’t download completely. Try downloading it again. If that doesn’t fix it then try downloading the zip instead.