Falling (moving) castle

I made this piece for a CG Boost challenge.

The workflow:
The land is first bit sculpted, do quick retop with shrinkwrap, and then I applied material with microdisplacement. Material is a mix of shaders controlled with normal and noise. Normal controls the direction and then noises to add variety for the “top” and “cliff”. Water is ocean modifier as a base but baked and used as a texture. Splashes are fluid sim and saved as a shape. As for the castle its very basic shapes with a lot of booleans. The sky and main light is new sky texture in blender Nishita. Clouds I made using cloth brush (sculpting) on a plane and principle volumetric. Rendered in Cycles 1000 samples, and finished with a bit of cheating in Gimp.

Thank you for all support I got with this project in the WIP section.
Any critic or advice on a workflow are more than welcome.




Hi Martur,

Nice render. Reminds me a bit of The Last Unicorn (released in 1982). A great animated film from my youth.

Cheers and stay safe!

Thank you very much. I’ll have to check the movie.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you Bart. That’s an honour.

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Hilarious take on the moving castle theme. Sometimes it is better to have a static castle than having one that only goes down. :slight_smile:

Lighting is beautiful, and (what is left of) the castle also looks pretty good. The only thing bothering me a little bit is the sky on the top left: It somehow looks like snow and not really like a sky. But this minor detail doesn’t distract from the rest of the scene.

Thank you very much, specially for pointing out the sky. I’ll put more attention to it with next artworks. I am very happy you like it.

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Love it!!! Excellent work! Many times we just focus in technique, when “ideas” are what really make a differece. The falling castle, the composition… is amazing. Congrats!

Thank you Fhinn. Yes. You are totally right. Thank you for comment.

Well, well, this is really “moving” city :wink:
Do not forget, downfall is also flight… some kind.

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thank you.

clouds look like ice planet from interstellar… bit weird sun casting off that much light (probably evening) on left side of the castle when its cloudy. And water is bit like blue(ish) crystal look, other than that everything looks stunning :+1:

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