Falling Shards_my summer animation

Hi guys,

I thought I’d share with you the animation I have been working on during summer. Called Falling Shards, the short Film is about pieces of shards dropping and getting animated in the process. I applied techniques I have been learning and merged them into a hopefully nice short animation. Hope you like it and do let me know what you think.

Many thanks for watching!

Some extreme nitpicking: I didn’t like the flashing of the title at the beginning. Looked cheap.

This is a great chill out video. The only real thing I would change about it is that the way it’s shot I can’t tell how big these things are because:
1. They’re tiny, and you should decrease the focal width, maybe add some lens distortion in compositing. Depending on the style you like, it could look nice.
2. They’re large, and the camera itself is too large as well–when it turns, it looks like it’s moving in a huge arc. You could sharpen up some interpolation lines to fix that up if you like.

I really like this; good job