Falling through one plane, but not another?

I have a problem where the actor (camera) will fall down through the plane I want to act as my floor, but not other planes. I’ve no idea what causes it, the settings seem identical to the other planes.

I’m fairly new to the game engine so this may be something simple, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Here’s the .blend file of it - http://www.cyber.brad.ac.uk/~arwest/t1.blend

When you start the game the camera will fall and land on the small plane. When you walk off the plane onto the larger one though, it will fall straight through it (arrow keys for movement).

Anyone know what the problem is? :-?

I have no aidea why that is happining
but you can simply make a new plane :wink:

If you go into face mode on your 2nd plane Andy you will notice if you click on one of the faces that you don’t have collision on. It shows up when you 1st go in since I think the last face you assigned to has collision on.

To fix it select all your faces and hit “Copy Draw Mode” and all the faces will have the same settings. As it is right now you only have collision set on 1 of those faces.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks Hush that solved it :slight_smile:

Seems when you extrude a plane Blender doesn’t enable collisions for the new extrusions. Will remember that one next time :wink: