I tried to make this look as anamorphic as I could. I’ve always been a big fan of the vintage and anamorphic lenses look. I’ve been trying to emulate that a little in a lot of my work.

Any tips on getting better bokeh?


You seem to have good artistic control, very controlled scene.

One can even feel the dry hot air when looking at the scenery.

The broken eye reminds me , got to go see my father in elderly home
, he has other eye damaged slightly, been almost his whole life. Then again
I feel like that junk of metal in relation to my own art at the moment.

Edit-> I changed to music from 3D maybe 10 years ago. Would love to make some Blender fire animation stuff if I find the time. And if anyone assumes since I don’t have 3D art now that I cannot comment I have while while ago worked on 3D games, 3d tv commercials, 3d movietheater commercial (that in single) and movies.

Thanks! For me it’s all about my mental state. Definitely been feeling like I’m falling apart recently.

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I’ve always liked the ‘poor damaged android’ type of renders. Lighting and textures look great man!

Thanks! Robots are my jam!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thankyou! That’s awesome!

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