Fallout 3 Relight

Hi All,

I screen capped the final battle in Fallout 3 when you follow the robot to the water plant. I turned off the HUD so I could treat it as footage.

I used the Blender internal renderer to relight these frames from the final battle scene by changing the color of a Sun lamp. No nodes or compositing used.


More renders.


And even more!

I captured it into a DivX video and brought the video into a plane using Images To Planes script. It was nice to see that Blender can read DivX AVI files. I had never tested that.


You should show a video demonstration of the effects you used. I’d like to see blender’s powers as a video editor :stuck_out_tongue:

If I did a video, it would be done in After Effects. If that gives you a hint of the power of Blender’s video editor.

I think you should show the “before” images for comparison. Some people like me haven’t had the opportunity to play Fall Out 3 yet. Lame I know.

oh sheesh :confused:

Nice Renders Atom. Great Work.
I like this one. Its looking great.