fallout advanced pwer armor mkIII

started off as a doodle, so i decided to render it out and call it as good as done p.s I LOVE FALLOUT!

(3 camera angles cus im just to fickle to choose one)



Less specular materials will be nice. It’s to shiny. Did you used procedural material. Something like brushed metal?

I always digged your work, it’s good, but in my opinion it just isn’t as good as your other work. No offense, just mentioning, besides, I’m not saying it’s bad either;)


andromeda23 - not procedrul but yes brusehd metal, i just grabed a texture off a google search.

BleedForMe - thanks man :slight_smile: but yer i ithnk your probably right, was a bit of a doodle, i was gunna do the body aswell but got a bit flusterd and just said time to wind down on this one.

Yeah it just… doesn’t show the passion like i.e. the dreadnought/ wraith lord and stuff. on those works, you seemed to put a vast amount of detail. with a long, w.i.p. thread. Though this just seemed to come out of nowhere. And even though it’s great to try and finish something without any C+C, I think this lacks a scene, cause imho, it just doesn’t have a real… “potrait-like head” i think personally, that with more work on textures and a scene in mid-action… it would just stand out more than it does now, even though you might have worked on it real hard, because of the scenelesness, it doesn’t … pop out and that would be a shame.